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My Healthy Way 'Ibiza Fruit' 800ml Tritan Water Fruit Infuser Bottle, BPA-Free Plastic, Leakproof, New Design, Multi-function Juicing Storage Bottles, Best Water Bottle Infusers For Yoga, Detox, Fitness, Losing Weight, Diet & Health

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Product Reviews

I love drinking water. it is so good for me and it keeps me from snacking. A lot of the time I get very tired of trying to get all of my 8 glasses of water drank each day. This infuser has been wonderful in helping me to drink all of that water. Now I break up the plain water with a few glasses that have been infused with fruit for a nice chagnge. I have tried strawberries, oranges and peaches and they all taste wonderful.

Darina -

Arrived and its whole lot bigger than expected. Superb constructin which is stylish. Handy wrist strap which up to now has had a good trail and battering and is going strong still. The size turned out to be absolutely spot on. The type yu can take to a gym class and not be having to fill or run out half way through. It contains a fruit infuser which is a little unstable inside but this is not a problem. lve tried numerous concoctions of fruit infusions and to be honest all have been a hit. The kids are becoming great fans of this as well which is great as most parents trying to get the kids to drink water can be a up hill battle. Easy to clean and sturdy. I was allowed to purchase this at a reduced price in exchange for trialling it and giving a honest review and unbiased which i believe i have given above.

roio6812 -

As the name says, it is a very healthy way of drinking fruit infused water; I've used already with cubes of oranges, slices of lemon, even bits of apples- the water becomes fruity and nicely flavored, very refreshing; good size bottle, easy to carry and use every where.

Robert -

Amazon buyers love My Healthy Way! That's because we only deliver products of the highest quality, premium designs that we're utterly proud of. And don't forget that this fruit infuser water bottle is backed by our 90 days warranty!

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Now you can detox and lose weight using your "My Healthy Way" 800ml Tritan Water Fruit Infuser Bottle . You simply add your preferred flavor to your drinking water to enrich it with vitamins and a great taste. Now you can forget about sugary fizzy drinks and flavoured coffee forever!

Product Features

  • WITH LOOP for easy carrying. Ensure your body has the infused nutrients it needs - anywhere you are! This 800ml Tritan Water Fruit Infuser Bottle is perfect for holding your sports drinks when on the go. EASY TO ADD ICE/FRUITS via the opening. A FREE E-book of recipes for water bottle infusions will be sent to you within 3-5 days after your purchase. Making your own infused water is a fantastic way to detox, obtain energy and stay hydrated.
  • BPA/EA-FREE Eastman Tritan plastic.This infuser fruit water bottle has an extremely secure lid that will keep your delicious infused creations from leaking or spilling unexpectedly. This PBA-FREE water bottle is designed for holding both carbonated water and cold fruit-infused water.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY Easy to clean, easy to refill and dishwasher safe! You can take this water bottle infusers with built-in fruit infuser anywhere: from beach or boat cruise to uni, work and fitness class.
  • NO LEAKING Extra large 800ml size for extended use. No unpleasant aftertaste or smell. My Healthy Way Multi-function water bottle detox can also be used to store detox juices your when you only take the tube out. But it is recommended to use slow juicers like masticating or triturating juicers work at very slow speeds with little-to-no heat, which means less oxidation in the juicing process. As a result, juices made with slow juicers have a higher shelf life and can retain their nutritional potency for up to 72 hours. So now you can plan to juice in bulk and store the detox juice in your extra large 800ml BPA FREE Multi-function Juicing Storage Bottles.

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